SAP ® Security Best Practice

About Soteria Cyber Security

Soteria offer Security Best Practice services for the continued protection of SAP ® applications. We can help define the tasks and code of practice required to perform regular security operations for SAP ® systems.

We offer the following services:

SAP ® Security Patch Management

Working with your internal staff, we can conduct a security analysis of your current SAP ® deployment to detect and implement any missing SAP ® patches or software upgrades. We alert all of our clients every ‘Patch Tuesday’ (the second Tuesday in each month) when SAP ® release new patches

SAP ® Configuration validation

We can perform security validation for new configuration of SAP ® functionality.

Custom ABAP ® Code check

We utilise the standard SAP ® Code Check functionality for existing and new ABAP ® code as part of your ongoing security implementation.

SAP ® Security Training and Security Awareness services

We create bespoke training materials for our clients for implementation and reference as part of your ongoing security implementation.

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