16 Apr Are you ready for Microsoft 2003 Server discontinuity of support.

Beyond July 14 2015, Microsoft will stop supporting its Server 2003. This means that beyond that date, known security vulnerabilities become far more dangerous. Are you effected? Are you ready? #SoteriaCyber Defence in depth can prepare your SAP environment....

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12 Mar Data Scientists: Making Sense of Big Data

Currently, the data scientist has one key priority: explain the applications and benefits of Big Data to the enterprise. This article contains insights from an HR consultant, an analyst, and a researcher on the challenge of grasping the fundamentals of Big Data and communicating them...

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19 Feb Soteria Launch New Website

We're delighted to announce the launch of our new website, designed by Ascot web design company Jaijo. We're really pleased with our new brand and corporate identity, along with this fantastic responsive website....

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